Cutting Edge LED Lighting

About Sabba LED Lighting

Sabba LED Lighting is a Canadian based company in British Columbia. Sabba has grown to be one of the leading online retailers of LED lights, especially for commercial and government supplier companies.

Sabba LED Lighting offers cutting edge lighting that uses lower wattage to produce more light than traditional lighting.

Sabba offers a sophisticated and open, standards-based approach to street lighting and area lighting that makes it easy and affordable.

LED lights also increase the efficiency, safety, and versatility of any municipal or commercial lighting system.

LED Lights Installation

LED Lighting Installation

Sabba LED Lighting provides service for new LED Lighting installations and conversions. Our team of installation experts can recommend the best type of LED Lighting for your facility and provide complete installation service throughout British Columbia.


LED Maintenance and Repair

Sabba LED Lighting offers substantial experience, competitive pricing, financial strength, and commitment to your project to ensure both quality and workplace safety. We have a track record of coming through for our first-time and repeat clients alike, no matter the project size or complexity.

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